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Kenai Fishing Trip - What to Bring?

Kenai Fishing Trip - What to Bring?

There is a lot of planning involved for your Alaskan Fishing Adventure. While most of it revolves around flights, and destinations, most visitors overlook packing for the proper conditions here in Alaska. We may not live in igloos, but it does get brisk some mornings and nights, packing for cold weather is a must. Some clients on the other hand overpack. This is why we have combined a list of information to help you pack for your next visit with us here at Alaska Creel and Cartridge Lodge.

Packing list for your Kenai Fishing Trip

Packing list for your Kenai Fishing Trip

HIKING BOOTS OR SHOES: Comfortable, lightweight and water repellent. Many companies make lightweight hiking boots that are moderately priced. Make sure these are well broken in, especially if all leather, before your trip. If you prefer strenuous hiking, you may want to invest in rugged hiking boots. You should put a coat of waterproofing compound on your boots before arriving in Alaska.

Fishing gear: All of the gear you will need is provided however if you want to catch that monster on your own gear you should plan to pack it well for your travels.

Chest Waders: Even if you plan to fish from a boat there may be occasions when it is best to wade.

DAY PACK: This will come in handy for day hiking and van travel. This should be something large enough to hold rain gear, an extra sweater, water bottle, lunch, binoculars and anything else you would take on a day hike or in a boat.

RAIN GEAR: We do have a limited amount of rain gear available for your use but most guests prefer to bring their own gear. Please select a quality suit for your comfort. We want you to enjoy every minute of your stay and a day in the rain won't stop the fun if you are outfitted properly.

Pack light - Pack smart

Pack light - Pack smart

WARM JACKET / SWEATER / VEST: Your arrival may be in the midst of summer but this is Alaska and our guests that are used to the balmy summers of the lower 48 may experience temperatures in the high 40's in the mornings. Synthetic fleece, a wool jacket or a sweater make great layers for warmth.

WOOL OR SYNTHETIC GLOVES: Early and late season arrivals may want to keep their hands warm especially when on the water.

BRIMMED HAT/ BALL CAP: For protection from the sun and rain.

BATHING SUIT: For using the Jacuzzi

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: Make sure you bring an adequate supply for the trip. Soldotna is a small town with modern conveniences but may not have everything you need.

SMALL FLASHLIGHT OR HEADLAMP: Needed from late July through September

INSECT REPELLENT: Creams and pumps are more environmentally friendly than aerosols.

SUNGLASSES & SUNSCREEN: Cloud failure can occur in Alaska and the sun can be strong at times.

BINOCULARS: Highly recommended for that close up view of our spectacular wildlife!

CAMERA/FILM/data cards/BATTERIES: Don't forget extra batteries for your camera. Some types of camera batteries can be difficult to find in Alaska.

CASH: Some small businesses here only accept cash or checks. We don't want you to miss out on that special "one of a kind" item if your plastic won't work.  Also tipping for great service is customary and our guides don't have credit card machines.